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Designing with life: Biofabricate's Suzanne Lee envisions a “new material world”

"We need a material revolution, and we need it now,” says Suzanne Lee, CEO and Founder of Biofabricate, a “sustainable biomaterial innovation” boutique that is educating companies on how to use micro-organisms to create a “new material world.”

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Resolving Video Games and eSports disputes: How can WIPO Alternative Dispute Resolution options help?

Video games and eSports are thriving and fast becoming an important contributor to the global economy. But with such dynamism comes an increasing risk of disputes. Can alternatives to court litigation, like mediation and arbitration, offer stakeholders a more flexible, speedy and cost-effective dispute resolution option?

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Strategies To Improve Gender Equity in IP Development and Commercialization

New research from WIPO reveals that the gender gap in patenting is closing. However, progress hinges on scaling promising government policies and programs and concrete action to improve IP diversity within organizations.

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Scotch Whisky Sees IP, Diversity and Inclusion as Keys To its Longer-term Sustainability

Scotch Whisky is a hallmark of Scotland's national identity. Find out what the Scotch Whisky Association is doing, in terms of IP, and inclusion and diversity, to secure a sustainable future for the industry.

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