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WIPO Translate is a market-leading translation software for specialized text. Originally created to translate patent documents, WIPO Translate can also be adapted and customized to other technical domains.

Once trained in a specific subject area, WIPO Translate has been shown to out-perform other paid and free translation tools.

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WIPO Translate for patent documents

Patent documents can be complex and translating them even more so. WIPO Translate – seemlessly integrated into WIPO's PATENTSCOPE database, providing access to more than 77 million national and international patent documents – produces translations of patent documents with an unprecedented level of accuracy, between some eighteen language pairs. Access is free-of-charge.

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  • User guide PDF, WIPO Translate, User Guide – a quick walkthrough of how to use WIPO Translate

Why use WIPO Translate?

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Once trained in a specific domain (e.g., patents), the software has been shown to outperform other better-known solutions (including paid options) on the market.

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The software uses the latest neural machine translation technology, which is more accurate than statistical machine translation.

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WIPO Translate can be set up on your own systems.

Who uses WIPO Translate?

WIPO Translate is extensively used by innovators, lawyers, translators, intellectual property professionals and many others to help them to understand technology that is being developed in other languages.