Westwell, China – Making Global Container Logistics More Sustainable

Established in 2015, Shanghai’s Westwell Information and Technology (“Westwell”) is an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) logistics company that develops smart and “green” full-stack solutions for planning and managing complex operations in seaports, railway hubs, dry ports, airports, factories and more.

Did you know? The container logistics market is a crucial part of the global supply chain industry, ensuring the smooth management and transportation of goods (Sustainable Development Goals 9 and 12).

Westwell’s products – which have so far reached 18 countries and regions across the globe – include smart “new” energy vehicles and AI-driven solutions that efficiently and effectively plan tasks, truck routes and other logistics-related activities.

Artificial intelligence – the driving force behind a booming business

The real-time operation of hundreds or even thousands of trucks in a terminal is incredibly complex if purely managed manually. The solution? Artificial intelligence!

Back in 2015, though still at the time very much an emerging technology, AI was at the forefront of Westwell’s development plans. They recognized the three-fold potential of AI to help support economic growth, to enhance working conditions, and importantly to reduce the carbon footprint of the container logistics industry.

Introducing AI in seaports

In 2017, the company took its first steps towards applying AI in the seaport industry, where daily tasks are heavy and repetitive, and work conditions are often uncomfortable and hazardous.

Their “Smart Tally System” – a system that uses container numbering and video-streamed identification – successfully achieved Westwell’s goal of increasing efficiency and shoring up the safety of port staff.

Since then, they have gone from strength to strength.

Comprehensive intelligent green solutions for horizontal transportation

Today, Westwell – whose business has doubled over the past two years – are providing comprehensive intelligent green solutions for horizontal transportation in a variety of fields – including seaports, railway hubs, dry ports, airports, factories, etc.

They adapt their solutions to suit different environments and different types of products, always striving to maintain a balance between practical work and enhanced technology. For clients facing a labor shortage, Westwell provides automatic, intelligent vehicles. When the workload becomes overwhelming for the human work force, Westwell’s AI solutions kick in.

Through their Ainergy strategy – combining AI with new clean energy solutions – Westwell provides customers with efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Westwell’s AT15 truck
(Photo: Westwell)

The “Qomolo®” range of “new” energy (electric) autonomous vehicles uses intelligent systems not just to assist on-the-ground operations, but also to detect hazards.

The “Q-Truck®” – a fully autonomous electric heavy-duty truck – can reduce carbon emissions by up to 50 tons a year, serving as a clear example of Westwell’s commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Innovation, collaboration, loyalty – The ingredients of a successful recipe

Innovation has undoubtedly been one of the key drivers of Westwell's growth and success. With a senior management team who firmly believes in encouraging creativity, everything that the company does is both innovative and experimental.

Another crucial element has been collaboration. With the globalization and development of industrial supply chains, Westwell needs to collaborate with numerous partners, and importantly to gain trust and support in order to stay ahead of the game.

However, the customer is the most important factor to Westwell’s success. “It’s our customers’ varying needs that provide us with the chance to innovate, create, and deliver new solutions. Our technology boosts their activities; their loyalty boosts ours!”

Intellectual property – Opening doors to new overseas markets

"We always aspired to enter the international market. The Madrid System has been instrumental in achieving this goal, helping us save time and money, and effectively promote our brand on the global market," say Westwell.

Westwell identified intellectual property (IP) as a critical resource early on. They quickly defined an IP strategy and put together a dedicated IP team.

With an approximately 200-strong client base, located in 18 countries and regions right across the globe – numbers which are both rapidly increasing – the company is using WIPO’s international trademark system, the Madrid System, to seek protection of its brands overseas.

Westwell’s logo displayed on the side of a Q-Truck®
(Photo: Westwell)
"For technology-based SMEs and start-ups, IP is crucial. Not everyone takes IP into account when they develop a business strategy; they are focusing more on whether their products can successfully enter the market. Establishing a systematic and strategic approach to IP from the outset is essential."

Westwell’s international trademark registration portfolio

Westwell has so far filed three applications for international trademark registrations, seeking protection of the name “Westwell” (in English and Chinese), as well as their brand “Qomolo”, in more than 30 countries and regions – including the European Union (EU), India, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, and more.

Between them, these three applications cover a total of 7 classes of goods and services, allowing also for future expansion of the company’s product range.

With overseas trademark protection now secured in the EU, the Madrid System has efficiently enabled Westwell to successfully unlock a new market with massive potential.

Winners of the “WIPO Global Awards” – an honor and a responsibility

In 2023, Westwell were one of seven winners of the WIPO Global Awards.

“It’s an honor for Westwell to win this award. It’s the result of years of hard work, and really highlights the team's achievements in IP, innovation, and production.”

What next for Westwell?

"We will continue to dedicate our time and energy to driving the evolution of intelligent green technology, bringing more innovation and value to the users of smart, large-scale logistics across the globe. Working together – and upholding the same values which we, as a team, believe in – we will strive for a smarter and greener future!"

You can find out more about Westwell’s international trademark registrations (1675126, 1675431 and 1675432) in Madrid Monitor available under eMadrid.

About the Madrid System

The Madrid System is a convenient and cost-effective solution for registering trademarks in up to 130 countries by filing one application, in one language, and paying one set of fees.

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