WIPO Technology Trends

This series of reports tracks technology trends through the analysis of patent and other data to provide solid, factual evidence on innovation in specific fields.

Expert contributors from different sectors of the innovation ecosystem enrich the reports with their valuable comments and insights. 

The resulting knowledge base informs and supports business leaders, researchers and policy-makers in their decision-making.

We are dedicated to creating knowledge products that support a global economic environment where individuals and enterprises of all sizes can more easily bring exciting new products to market.

Technology Trends – Assistive Technology

The WIPO Technology Trends 2021 report is the first large-scale landscaping and analysis of patenting and technology trends in AT.


Previous editions

Technology Trends – Artificial intelligence

The first report in this series offers evidence-based projections to inform global policymakers on the future of artifical intelligence. It analyzes data in patent applications and scientific publications to better understand the latest trends in the field.


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