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We bring the WIPO Knowledge Center’s collection on intellectual property and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to life – in conversations with authors, editors, publishers and others.

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Episode 8 – Intellectual Property and its History

May 12, 2023 - Co-editor, Claudy Op den Kamp, talks us through some of the objects covered in the book ‘A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects’.  The objects discussed relate to women and their innovation and creativity.  These objects offer us an opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future of IP. Read transcript.

About Claudy:
Claudy Op den Kamp is Principal Academic in Film, and faculty member at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management.  Claudy’s research interests include (the role of copyright in) film restoration, access to archival film collections, and found footage filmmaking practices. She is the author of ‘The Greatest Films Never Seen. The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen’ (Amsterdam University Press, 2018).

Book: A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects
Review article: WIPO Magazine 

Episode 7 – Intellectual Property and Clean Technology

April 28, 2023 - The book  ‘Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Cleantech : A Pathway for Developing Countries’ envisions both global cleantech development and international cleantech transfer as necessary means for addressing climate change. The author, Joy Y. Xiang, proposes a possible solution for developing countries that involves international aid, international cleanteach cooperation and domestic cleantech innovation. Read transcript.

About Joy:
Joy Y. Xiang is a Professor of Law at Peking University School of Transnational Law. Her interdisciplinary and evidence-based research explores ways to enhance innovation and collaboration. Joy’s teaching includes U.S. and international IP, Patent Law, and IP Strategies. Joy’s background includes law, public policy, technology entrepreneurship, and computer science.  Joy has previously worked in the technology industry for fifteen years, in roles such as a software engineer and program manager for Motorola, an IP attorney representing various organizations and inventors, and corporate counsel for Microsoft. You may find Joy’s research publications on SSRN, Google Scholar, and ResearchGate.

The book: Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Cleantech : A Pathway for Developing Countries

Episode 6 – Intellectual Property and Start-ups

January 19, 2023 - The guide ‘Intellectual Property Strategies for Start-ups’ covers the ‘how to’ for protecting IP in a start-up context and in developing a robust IP strategy. The editor of the book, Stefan Golkowsky, highlights the practical aspects of the book’s contents that appeal to entrepreneurs, legal practitioners, auditing and consulting companies, as well as investors and founders of companies. Read transcript.

About Stefan:
A partner at PFENNING Patent Attorneys and Lawyers, Stefan has represented clients in proceedings before the EPO's Boards of Appeal and the German Federal Supreme Court. He serves as a supervisory board member in the technology sector and he has published in the USA, the UK, China and Germany on the subject of IP.

The book: Intellectual Property Strategies for Start-ups: A Practical Guide

Episode 5 – Intellectual Property and Filmmaking

November 28, 2022 - ‘Rights, Camera, Action!’ offers professionals in the audiovisual industry guidance on how to use IP to generate business opportunities. Bertrand Moullier takes us through the different stages of filmmaking - from securing finance to distribution - to ensure a successful audiovisual production that will help filmmakers monetize their creative content. Read transcript.

About Bertrand:
An independent audiovisual industry consultant based in London, United Kingdom, his company, NARVAL Media Ltd, provides advisory and advocacy services to international trade associations representing the different components of the audiovisual value chain. Prior to his consultancy career, Bertrand was an executive in trade associations representing the audiovisual production industries in the United Kingdom (the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) and globally (the International Federation of Film Producers’ Associations).

The book: Rights, Camera, Action! Intellectual Property Rights and the Film-Making Process, 2nd edition

Episode 4 – Intellectual Property and the Mining Industry

August 10, 2022 - Innovation is key to addressing the global challenges of the mining sector.  It is an essential part of a cost-effective and environmentally responsible mineral recovery process.  Listen as Giulia Valacchi highlights the notable page points of the book “Global Challenges for Innovation in Mining Industries” which analyzes how our increasing demand for mineral materials requires the support of the global innovation ecosystem. Read transcript.

About Giulia:
An external consultant and former research fellow in the Innovation Economics Section at WIPO’s Department of Economics and Data Analytics, Giulia holds a PhD in International Economics from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. She is currently working as the CEO in an Italian Startup which deals with tourism for which she helped to create.

The book: Global Challenges for Innovation in Mining Industries

Episode 3 – Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence

May 27, 2022 - Patenting activity in artificial intelligence (AI) is booming. But what are the implications – ethically, practically, and legally – that come with this increasing trend? Ryan Abbott explores this and more in his book “The Reasonable Robot: Artificial Intelligence and the Law”, and poses the thought that with new technology, should come an adaptive legal framework – one that doesn’t discriminate between AI and human behavior. Read transcript.

About Ryan:
Ryan Abbott, MD, JD, MTOM, PhD is Professor of Law and Health Sciences at the University of Surrey School of Law and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He has published widely on issues associated with law and technology, health law, and intellectual property in leading legal, medical, and scientific books and journals.

Read Ryan's article: The Artificial Inventor Project

Ryan’s book: The Reasonable Robot

Episode 2 – Intellectual Property and Tourism

March 28, 2022 - Intellectual property (IP) is emerging as one of the key growth factors in the tourism industry, but what are the practical implications? Join Patricia Carmona and Mary Hayrapetyan as they highlight the page points of the publication “Boosting Tourism Development through Intellectual Property”, co-published by WIPO and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Using real-life case studies as examples, they guide us through the potential of IP to add value to touristic activities as travel rebounds from the global pandemic. Read transcript.

About Patricia and Mary:
Patricia Carmona is a Senior Specialist in the Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness Department at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Mary Hayrapetyan is an Associate Program Officer in WIPO’s Development Agenda Coordination Division.

The book: Boosting Tourism Development through Intellectual Property

Episode 1 – Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry

February 28, 2022 - What role does intellectual property (IP) play in the fashion industry? Author and IP lawyer Rosie Burbidge shares page points from her book "European Fashion Law: A Practical Guide from Start-up to Global Success" – and discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and the future of the industry. Read transcript.

About Rosie Burbidge:
As an intellectual property (IP) lawyer in the United Kingdom, Rosie Burbidge works with clients across many industries – from fashion and retail to gaming, blockchain, and education. Rosie has worked on a variety of IP disputes including trademarks, passing off, designs, copyright and confidential information, patents and format rights.

Rosie’s website | Rosie’s book

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