Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE)

The Advisory Committee on Enforcement (ACE) was established by the 2002 WIPO General Assemblies with a mandate to carry out technical assistance and coordination in the field of enforcement (norm-setting is explicitly excluded from the mandate).

Within the framework of recommendation 45 of the WIPO Development Agenda, the ACE focuses on:

  • coordinating with public and private organizations to combat counterfeiting and piracy;
  • public education;
  • assistance;
  • coordination to undertake national and regional training programs for all relevant stakeholders; and
  • exchange of information on enforcement issues.

Membership of the ACE (which emerged from various previous committees and meetings) is open to all member states of WIPO and/or of the Paris Union and/or of the Berne Union.

Delegates at a meeting of the ACE (Photo: WIPO). More ACE photos on Flickr.

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