WIPO’s COVID-19 Related Services and Support

WIPO Director General Daren Tang launched a package of support measures to assist member states in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and building back better as part of their sustainable post-COVID economic recovery efforts. In October 2021, WIPO member states approved this WIPO COVID-19 response package as part of its Program of Work and Budget 2022/23 PDF, WIPO Program of Work and Budget 2022/23.

The package aims to help member states deal with the pandemic, as well as leverage intellectual property (IP) to support creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurship needed for job creation, investment, enterprise growth and socio-economic development.

The response package will be tailored to meet the individual needs of member states and will adapt as the pandemic evolves. WIPO, via the COVID-19 Focal Point, will engage in a continuous dialogue with member states, and is open to their requests for targeted and customized support with respect to national priorities and challenges.

In March 2022, briefing sessions PDF, briefing sessions on WIPO activities under the response package were held for Member States to provide information about the planned and ongoing activities under the response package and how to access support.


Member states seeking more information should contact Mr. Sherif Saadallah, Executive Director of the WIPO Academy and Focal Point on WIPO’s Package of COVID-19 support.

Member states seeking more information on the WHO-WIPO-WTO Trilateral Cooperation relating to COVID-19 should contact Ms. Amy Dietterich, Director of the Global Challenges Division.

response package

In Summary: WIPO's COVID-19 Response Package

A snapshot of key achievements and ongoing initiatives.

Areas of support

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Bilateral technical assistance

Tailored support to member states for COVID-19 economic recovery projects, including policy and legislative advice.

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Trilateral cooperation

Access resources at the intersection of IP, health, and trade through the WHO-WIPO-WTO trilateral cooperation.

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Policy and legislative assistance

Legislative and policy advice relating to IP, innovation and creativity.

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Skills and capacity building

Practical skills-building and training opportunities offered by the WIPO Academy.

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Innovation support

Access to specific policy, decision making and tools to respond to COVID-19 issues through WIPO Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs).

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IP dispute resolution

WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center services catered to the life sciences sector.

Knowledge resources

Meetings and webinars

We have increased our offerings of virtual meetings and webinars to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions and made them more accessible worldwide.


WIPO virtual / hybrid meetings and webinars

Delegates can participate remotely and interactively in our formal meetings, thanks to a multi-lingual, cloud-based, virtual conferencing platform.